Residential and Institutional Services

Residential Window Cleaning:

Our residential services extend to any exterior or interior windows you may have. For instance storm windows, stationary or sliding windows and or windows that may have screens. Our window technicians are extremely detailed oriented and are always respectful of your home. That means no drips, water or mess should ever be left behind. For interior work, our technicians are careful to avoid or temporarily move any items that may be in the way. Residential cleans are either completed using traditional methods such as ladders or newer technologies such as our purified water systems. At the end of day, you can always assure a thorough job will be done.

Eavestrough Cleaning and Minor Repairs:

Neglecting to clean your eaves troughs can lead to the build up of excess water, which could flood your basement or even worse, cause a crack in your home’s foundation. Stagnant water is also an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos and other bugs. When eaves troughs are left filled with debris, they could eventually cause bending, warping and cracking. Our technicians will not only clean them but we can also repair or replace your sections of your eaves depending on your home’s needs.

Institutional Window Cleaning:

Over the years we have completed work for many different types of institutions both formal and informal. Whether it is academic institutions such as Universities, Colleges and athletic centres or medical institutions such as hospitals, we are certainly capable of providing our services to you.  If you are interested in a receiving an estimate, please see our “free estimate” page.