Other Services


Pressure Washing

We offer pressure washing services for underground garages, awnings and walkways. Whether it be from car leaks or dirt and debris from the Winter season, we can get the job done right with our high pressure washers. A great service for Commercial, Apartment and Condominium buildings. Call us today to schedule dates!


When cleaning windows if requested we will inspect caulking of windows. If approved we will remove old caulking materials from windows, insulate if needed, and apply new caulking for a long lasting and durable seal.

 Vent Cleaning and Replacement

Just because you don’t see inside your vents, doesn’t mean you don’t breathe what comes out of them. There could be many things hiding in them like dust, mold, fungus, pet hair, construction debris, sometimes small toys and even food. Cleaning your vents should not be forgotten, let us take care of this job for you.

 Aluminum Siding and Soffit Cleaning

Siding and soffits can sometimes be hard to reach. Place your trust in us and we will ensure that those hard to reach places are as clean as a whistle.

Eavestrough/Gutter Cleaning and Minor Repairs

If you neglect to clean your eaves troughs can cause to excess water which could lead to everything from a cracked foundation to a flooded basement. Stagnant water is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos and other bugs. When eaves troughs are left filled with debris, they could eventually cause bending, warping and cracking. Canada Wide Window Cleaning doesn’t only clean but we repair or replace your eaves trough according to your needs.

Screens; Cleaning, Repair and Replacement

Whether your screens were damaged by weather or a pet, we can repair or replace them for you. Perfectly in tacked screens may become filthy during the fall and winter months, don’t worry we clean them as well.