Additional Services

Vent Cleaning and Replacement:

Just because you cannot see inside your vents, does not mean you aren’t breathing what comes out of them. There could be many things hiding inside like dust, mold, fungus, pet hair, construction debris. Cleaning your vents is often forgotten; so let us take care of this job for you.


When cleaning windows if requested we will inspect caulking of windows. If approved we will remove old caulking materials from windows, insulate if needed, and apply new caulking for a long lasting and durable seal.

Pressure Washing:

Our services are ideal for underground garages, awnings and walkways. Whether it be a result from a car leak or simply built up dirt and debris, we can help. This is a great service for any commercial, apartment or condominium property.

Screen Cleaning:

Window screens are often exposed to wind, water, rain, dust, dirt, bugs and many other elements especially as time goes by. We can remove, clean and replace your screens or simply give them a thorough brushing from in or outside.

Aluminum Siding and Soffit Cleaning:

Siding and soffits can sometimes be hard to reach. Place your trust in us and we will ensure that those hard to reach places are as clean as a whistle.